Model A, B, BB, & Model 40/46

Model A Ford Garage

Drag Link Identification

The pic above shows the relative length differences between Model A, Model B, and Model 40/46 drag links.

The NOS Model A drag link A-3305 shown above is the shortest with an overall length of about 24-5/8 inches.

This A-3305 drag link was used on all 1928 - 1931 Model A and AA cars and trucks.

The BB-3305 drag link pictured above is the longest with an overall length of about 29-7/8 inches. The diameter of the link is 3/4 inch.

This BB-3305 drag link was used on 1933 and 1934 Model BB trucks.

By comparison, the Model B drag link B-3305 shown in the group photo has an overall length of about 29-5/8 inches and a link diameter of 5/8 inches.

The Model B drag link B-3305 was used on all 1932 passenger, commercial, and BB trucks.

The NOS Model 40/46 drag link 40-3305 shown above is about 26-1/4 inches long and was used on all 1933-34 passenger and commercial vehicles.

Drag Link Table:

Part Number
A-3005-A 24-5/8 Drag Link - LHD 1928-31
AF-3305-A 24-5/8 Drag Link - RHD 1928-31
B-3305 29-7/8 Drag Link - LHD 1932 All
BF-3305 29-7/8 Drag Link - RHD 1932 All
BB-3305 29-5/8 Drag Link - LHD 1933-34 Truck
BBF-3305 29-5/8 Drag Link - RHD 1933-34 Truck
40-3305 26-1/4 Drag Link - LHD 1933-34 Model 40 & 46
40F-3305 26-1/4 Drag Link - RHD 1933-34 Model 40 & 46

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