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Front Axle Differences

Illustrated on this page are the differences between Model A and Model B front axle forgings.

The same basic front axle A-3010 was used on all Model A cars and light trucks from 1928 to 1931, and was interchangeable across all years.

In 1932 the Model B car and light truck axle was redesigned, and was interchangeable through the end of 1934.

There were two basic variations of the B-3010 axle. There was the typical common axle, and the so-called 'heavy axle' which is sought by many rodders. They are functionally interchangeable.

In the pic above, the Model A axle is shown on top, and the typical 1932-34 Model B axle is shown on bottom. This close-up shows the shape difference in the axles outboard of the front radius rod (wishbone) and spring perch.

In the pics above and below, the two styles of Model B axles are shown. Common shown on top, and 'heavy' on the bottom.

The details of the 'heavy' axle are shown in the pics of the unpainted axle above and below.

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January 2008