Dearborn V8 Grand National 2003

Model A Ford Garage


Lynn Stringer's fantastic 32 roadster!

Super 1934 roadster pickup. Can you spell 'rare'?

Terrific B400 convertible sedan. Perhaps a little over-restored on workmanship, but incredibly authentic including many rare accessories and even NOS tires.

The Vikings are coming!

Actually, the Norwegians are here!

Left to right: Aane Bøe, Tore Olsen, Rolf Schøyen, Ola Hegseth in front of my 1932 Standard B Fordor.

One of my highlights at the 2003 Early Ford V8 Club Dearborn Grand National was meeting the contingent from Norway by chance at the Belleville swap meet the Saturday before the National, and there again on Sunday morning. I was set up selling and they spent a lot of time visiting, asking questions, and buying NOS goodies to take back to Norway.

When I moved my swap meet setup from Belleville to the Dearborn Hyatt on Sunday afternoon they were out front under the canopy watching the show cars arrive. Sure enough, Tore Olsen went to work on me again asking how I was going to get my Ford to Dearborn, since I was in the swap meet van. He was very persistent in offering his services to shuttle the Ford. Sometimes persistence pays off!

After a quick review of Tore's driving credentials (I could not read it, but that's what he said it was) and the thumb's up from the rest of his crew, I gave Tore a ride from Dearborn to Pontiac to pick up my '32 so he could drive it the 40 miles back down to Dearborn. I led in the modern iron.

Once in Dearborn, the Model B sedan became the official Norwegian transportation for the week. I think they burned up most of a tank of gas joyriding around Dearborn while I sold in the swap meet that week. Tore also scored an official "I Drove a Flathead" participation pin from the National Meet.

On Saturday, they drove the '32 back to storage in Pontiac for me, and then we went up to Flint to see the Buick Centennial meet and show cars at the Sloan Museum (also a great meet)! Then they returned to Dearborn and stayed at the historic Dearborn Inn before their return to Norway. A good time was had by all!

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