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Spark and Throttle Control Rods

Did you ever notice that Model A spark and accelerator to carburetor control rods always seems to be too long or too short, and that different reproductions are different lengths?

The reason is actually pretty simple! Ford had numerous similar-but-different linkage control rods for a variety of applications from 1928 through the mid 1930s.

Are you using the right ones? The following table shows the various linkage rods in order of increasing overall length dimension (OAL) and also shows the virtual ball-center-to-center dimensions.

Part Number Description A Dimension
B Dimension
OAL Rod Only
A-9742-A LHD Accelerator-to-Steering Gear, 1928-31
RHD Spark Advance
5-7/8 5-21/32
A-9742-B LHD Accelerator-to-Steering Gear
Victoria Coupe and Deluxe Phaeton, 1930-31
(serviced by A-9742-A)
AF-9757 RHD Spark Advance
Deluxe Phaeton, 1930-31
(serviced by A-9742-A)
6-1/2 6-9/32
BB-9740-B Accelerator-to-Carburetor
1933-34 4 cylinder
8-29/32 8-11/16
B-9740 Accelerator Pedal-to-Throttle
1932 4 cylinder
9-7/8 9-21/32
46F-9740 RHD Accelerator-to-Carburetor
1933-34 V8
10-17/32 10-5/16
A-9747 Accelerator-to-Carburetor, 1928-31 10-5/8 10-13/32
AF-9747 RHD Accelerator-to-Carburetor
Deluxe Phaeton, 1930-31
(3/7/32 drawing)
11-1/8 10-29/32
18-9747 Accelerator-to-Carburetor
1932-34 V8, BB-V8, 46-V8, 46-4
(renumbered AF-9747?)
11-1/8 10-29/32
40-9747 Accelerator-to-Carburetor
1933-34 40-4, 40-V8, 46-4
46-9740 Accelerator Pedal-to-Throttle
1933-34 4 cylinder
11-1/4 11-1/32
AF-9747 RHD Accelerator-to-Carburetor
Victoria Coupe and Deluxe Phaeton, 1930-31
(12/23/37 drawing)
11-29/32 11-1/2
BB-9740-AR Accelerator Pedal-to-Throttle
1932 4 cylinder
13-5/16 13-3/32
BF-9740 RHD Accelerator Pedal-to-Throttle    
A-9757 LHD Spark Advance
17-5/32 16-15/16

All of the above information was researched from original Ford detail drawings and releases at the Benson Ford Research Center, as well as various Ford Parts Price Lists.

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