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Windshield Wiper Motor

This is an NOS Trico KSL511 vacuum wiper motor. This is the correct replacement wiper motor for 1932 Ford closed cars. The KSL series is the replacement series, and this is the best one to have for rebuilding, since it is a later replacement made from improved Zamak zinc alloy.

The original Trico RSL series suffered from bad zinc die castings as did most zinc prior to the mid 1930's, and the original series can't generally be rebuilt. The early zinc was notorious for swelling, exfoliating, and cracking.

The original 1932 series can be identified by the two small screws which hold on the sheet metal reverser cover. Also the early cover was thicker. The KSL series uses a thinner Snap-on reverser cover as pictured.

This KSL511 was used on 1932 Fords only, and is not interchangeable with any other application. The length of the shaft from the steel mounting strap to the tip of the shaft is 2-1/16 inches.

For cars using a right hand wiper motor, like RHD drive models, the Trico number is KSL520.

The KSL519 is a very similar wiper to the KSL511, but having a longer shaft, greater than 3 inches.

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