British Model A

Ford Garage

Ford Script Tail Lamp Lens

Here is a pic of an original British AE-13450 solid red Ford script tail lamp lens for use with the 1929-1931 tea cup tail lamp.

This lens was used on tail lamps produced in England for the domestic British market. Model A's supplied to much of the rest of the British empire (Australia, New Zealand, India, etc) were all produced in Canada and exported, and those cars used the typical US style red and amber colored tail lamp lens.

Above is a rear view of the British produced lamp lens showing the molded-in Ford script in the glass lens.

December 1933 British Parts Price List showing the AE-13450 lens, a complete lamp assembly, and the AF-13471-B right hand lamp bracket.

Note that this British lens also has 12 flutes, same as specified on the US A-13450-B2 lens drawing.

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