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Oil Pan Variations

This shows a couple of varieties in Model B and Model 46 oil pans. One has the flywheel inspection plug and the other does not. I have not yet done the research to find out the when and why.

This pic shows the four drain holes commonly found in the Model B oil pan dipper tray. I have researched the Model A oil pan drawings at the Benson Ford Research Center and determined that the holes were not added during Model A production, but have not yet had a chance to review the Model B oil pan drawings and releases.

This is a very unusual tray owned by Bill Stipe. It has four extra large holes, as well as an extra large hole at the dip stick. The holes are factory pierced, and the stamping shape at the dip stick hole is also unique. Also note the 'creases' in the dipper troughs along the centerline of the pan. Unusual. What's the explanation?

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September 2002