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Air Intake Silencers

The pic above shows two styles of Model B and Model 46 air intake silencers. These mount on the rear of the carburetor and hang down. The one on the left is the later style construction which has an upper and lower canister spot welded together, as well as a steel elbow spot welded to the top.

The elbow is retained to the carburetor with a hose type clamp. These were made for Ford by Burgess Battery Company.

The silencer on the right is the early 1932 style silencer sometimes referred to as the peanut can. It is a rolled seam construction, and has a machined cast aluminum elbow on the top which is attached to the canister by a hose type clamp. The elbow is retained to the carburetor by a screw and nut tightening the aluminum casting directly.

This is a top view of the early style silencer with the aluminum elbow removed. Note the perforated metal canister construction. These devices are primarily induction noise silencers as opposed to true air filters.

The pic above shows the internal construction of the early style silencer as viewed from the bottom. Also seen is the spring wire snap retainer for the screen filter element.

The pic above shows the internal construction of the later style silencer. Note that it has a ribbed baffle inside, and no perforated metal.

Shown above is the filter screen which is retained in the bottom of the air cleaner with a snap ring. The filter is made up of three layers of wire mesh and held together by a wire staple type handle. Note that this snap ring has three features to help retain the screen, whereas the snap ring pictured on the early canister is basically round with no features.

Ford also offered a factory heavy duty oil bath air cleaner for 1933 and 1934 Model BB trucks with the Model B Zenith carburetor.

Ford never offered a factory air cleaner for the Model A Zenith carburetor, but Air-Maze air cleaner offered one as an aftermarket accessory.

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