1933 Model 40

Model A Ford Garage

Australian Salesmen's

Preliminary Information

This is the Preliminary Information book for dealers and salesmen published by Ford Australia for the 1933 Model 40, with both V8 and 4 cylinder engines.

In several sections there are references also given to the previous 1932 Salesman's Reference Book.

There are no illustrations in this 56 page 4 x 6 inch booklet, however it is full of detailed technical specifications and selling points of the new model.

The specifications all appear identical to the US Model 40, though there is no indication whether these models are LH drive or RH drive. Presumably they are RHD.

The booklet covers Standard and Deluxe Phaetons and Sedans, but there is no indication whether the Sedan referenced is a Tudor or Fordor.

In the section on the 4 cylinder engine, it is noted that the engine "crankshaft is now entirely redesigned and fully counter-balanced, ensuring an unusually smooth, even flow of power, even at low speeds."

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June 2006