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Front Engine Mounting

Pictured below are the components of the front engine mount system including the front timing cover, front support (yoke), front support springs, auxiliary spring, stop washer, bushing, retaining spring, nut, and cotter pin.

Most of 1928 production used a rigid front engine mounting having no separate mount part, instead having the the A-6019-A front engine timing cover with the large cast support flange bolted directly to the front frame crossmember rear vertical flange.

The solid mounted engine-to-frame attachment was retained on some Model AA trucks chassis through 1931.

In late 1928 the design was changed for Model A chassis to a three point engine suspension using a forged and machined steel front engine support at the front, and a the A-6019-B timing cover with small cast support flanges for contact and attachement with the tops of the engine support.

The threaded stud of the support was bolted with springs and washers through a hole in the bottom of the front frame crossmember to form a flexible attachment.

The forged and machined steel engine support was used from late 1928 into early 1930. The stamped and welded steel design was used from early-mid 1930 until the end of production.

The pic above shows a comparison of the early forged and machined A-6030 engine front support on top, and the later stamped mount with the welded support on the bottom.

Shown above are the details of the machined forging construction and the stamped construction.

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