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Original Radiator Hose Size & Construction

Pictured here are views of a section of NOS original Model A Ford lower radiator outlet hose. The radiator upper inlet hose is the same construction, but larger diameter.

Note the construction with the inner extruded hose, the fabric-reinforced outer wrapping, and the red rubber sealing tape running the length of the outer hose seam. The seal is a strip of red rubber vulcanized on, not just a two dimensional color or paint.

Also note the spiral imprinted pattern on the fabric-reinforced outer rubber reinforcement. This pattern is created by the manufacturing process of applying the outer reinforcement to the inner hose, and is not the pattern of the fabric itself.

The table below summarizes the original lengths of the Model A and B Ford four cylinder radiator hoses. The radiator inlet hose (cylinder head outlet hose) is 2 inch inside diameter, and the radiator outlet hoses are 1-3/4 inch inside diameter.

Part Number
A-8260-A Cylinder Head Outlet Hose 1928-29 Passenger & Commercial 6-1/4
A-8260-B Cylinder Head Outlet Hose 1930-31 Passenger & Light Commercial 8-1/2
AA-8260 Cylinder Head Outlet Hose 1930-31 Truck (4-row radiator) 9-1/4
B-8260 Cylinder Head Outlet Hose 1932 Passenger & Commercial 12
BB-8260-A Cylinder Head Outlet Hose 1933-34 Truck (4-row radiator) ?
BB-8260-B Radiator Inlet Hose 1935 Model 51 Truck (V8) 10-1/4
46-8260 Cylinder Head Outlet Hose 1933-34 Model 40 & 46
Service replacement for AA-8260
A-8286 Hose (radiator outlet) 1928-31 Passenger & Commercial 2-3/4
B-8286 Hose (radiator outlet) 1932 Model B Passenger & Commercial
1933-34 Model 40 & 46
Service replacement for A-8286
BB-8286 Radiator Oulet Hose 1935 Model 51 Truck (V8) ?

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