Canadian Model A

Ford Garage

NOS Rear Window Frame

Standard Roadster & Phaeton

Pictured here is an NOS Canadian rear window frame, as used on 1928-31 Standard Roadsters and Standard Phaetons.

This is the Standard size, which is about 7-1/8 by 16-3/4 inches, and has the black rubberized enamel finish on both sides. The construction of the Standard frame is carbon steel, not stainless steel as used on the Deluxe models.

Of interest is the chrome finish square-drive Robertson head screws. These screws are a feature of Canadian-built cars and parts of the Model A era.

Robertson screws were discontinued in 1932 with the advent of the Model B, and thereafter Canadian early V8 Fords used conventional slotted head screws.

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March 2010