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One of my other interests is antique cash registers and I have restored a few of them. I especially like those made by National Cash Register in the era of 1900 to 1930. These were very highly engineered and high quality mechanical marvels.

The disassembly and restoration of these is not particularly difficult, however it is useful to be very mechanically inclined and have a good memory when taking them apart.

The model shown above is my personal favorite and is the 'famous' Model 313 'Candy Store' or 'Barber Shop' model. This is a narrow cabinet machine with keys up to $1. I was fortunate to find this one in complete original undamaged condition. This has original glass, original milk glass, original wood drawer, and all the keys.

The NCR Model 313 features the beautiful "Dolphin Design" cabinet. Tiffany Jewelers in New York was commissioned by the National Cash Register Company to create the Dolphin design.

I completely disassembled this machine and had all the cabinet parts and the key levers replated in the original nickel finish. Originally NCR also offered an oxidized copper plate finish as well. NCR never offered polished brass or bronze finishes on any of these series cash registers. Most were bright unpolished nickel.

The polished brass NCR cash registers you see today are the result of so called 'restorers' stripping the plating off of original cabinets and then polishing the original detail off the brass castings. It is a real shame to see how many cash register cabinets have been ruined by clueless restorers.

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