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Engine Front Support Mount Identification

Beginning in 1932, Ford began supporting the front of the four cylinder Model B engine on rubber mounts at two locations.

This page identifies and compares some of the numerous similar-but-different engine front support mounts Ford used for a variety of applications from 1932 through the mid 1950s worldwide. The table shows the various critical dimensions of the varius mounts produced by Ford and what applications they were used for.

The pic below shows the basic style mount of the 1932 Ford Model B car and commercial engine front support, often referred to as an engine mount.

The support mount above is the the common 1932 style with the forward bent ends used on Model B cars and commercial vehicles. It is the later, shorter 12 inch length variety of this style.

The support shown above is the the 15 inch style with the outboard twisted ends used on 1932 Model BB trucks. An even longer 19 inch length version of this style was used with 1933-34 Model BB trucks..

Various end styles were produced in various lengths, as shown in the table below.

Can you identify the correct engine front support you have or need? The following table shows some of the various support styles and dimensions.

Part Number Mount Style Description Dimension between
Center Holes
Dimension between
Outer Holes/Slots
B-6030-B Early 1932 Car and Commercial
Forward Bent Ends
9 inches 15
B-6030-C 1932 Car and Commercial
Forward Bent Ends
9 12
BB-6030-A 1932 BB Truck
Outboard Twisted Ends
9 15
BB-6030-B 1933-34 BB Truck
Outboard Twisted Ends
9 19
46-6030-A Early 1933 Car and Commercial
Forward Bent Ends
3.5 + 2.86 12
46-6030-B 1933-34 Car and Commercial
Gooseneck with Forward Bent Ends
3.5 + 2.86 19
G98T-6030 1939-41 Ford Köln Truck
Gooseneck with Rolled Ends
9 ?
G18T-6030 1942-48+ Ford Köln Truck
Gooseneck with Rolled Ends
9 ?
?-6030 1943-53 ГАЗ-67 GAZ "Russian Willys"
Forward Bent Ends
9 ?

In early 1933 another support was produced for the Model 46 car and commercial vehicles. It only fit the 46-6019 front engine timing gear cover, and had the timing cover bolt holes located non-symmetrically about the crankshaft centerline.

The 'generator side' bolt hole dimension was 2.86", and the 'camshaft side' bolt hole was 3.5" from the crankshaft centerline when viewed from the front.

Shown in the illustration above is the G18T-6030 engine front support design used on the German Ford Köln G28T Model BB engine from 1942-48+. This mount had rolled ends, rather than bent ends with punched slots.

Pictured above is the engine front support design used on the Russian ГАЗ-67 "Russian Willys" Model B engine from 1943-53. Photo credit to GAZ-67 Forum user "Механик".

The above information was researched primarily from original Ford detail drawings and releases at the Benson Ford Research Center, and genuine Ford parts catalogs.

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