1930 Model A

Model A Ford Garage

A-17080-B3 Jack, and A-17081-C Jack Handle

A-17080-B3 Ajax Screw Jack:

Pictured above is the 1930 Ajax 'B3' toolkit jack. This jack is distinguished by its square drive.

The engineering releases shown below for the jack itself show it was released by EI 15206 Supp #2 on 2-20-30, and was obsoleted by EI 15206 Supp #4 on 7-7-30.

The B3 jack was then replaced in July 1930 by the A-17080-C1 and -C2 jacks produced by Auto Specialties and Ajax.

A-17081-C Jack Handle:

Pictured above is the first A-17081-C jack handle drawing on file for release by EI 15206 Supp #2 on 2-20-30. This handle is distinguished by its 35 inch long one-piece construction and unique hook end.

There were three additional record changes made to the A-17081-C handle release, however the second and fourth releases do not have a corresponding drawing on file. The drawing associated with the third release shows a folding design handle.

EI 15206 Supp #2
Drawing shows one-piece design

EI 15206 Supp #4
Added suffix "R" to symbol no. indicating use for repairs only.
No drawing on file, one-piece or folding design is indeterminate

EI 20978
*(1 req'd A + AF chassis with A-17080-B3 Jack)
Transcends to this release (??)
Drawing shows folding design

EI L10021
Now in effect
Bringing records up to date.
*(1 req'd A + AF chassis with A-17080-B3 Jack)
Change buyer 8-9-47 (notation)
No drawing on file

Pictured above is the A-17081-CR jack handle drawing released by EI 20978 on 11-12-31. This handle is distinguished by its 36 inch long folding construction with a 3/8 inch diameter handle and a 3/8 inch square shaft and staked ball bearing retainer.

It is not clear if the drawing change to the folding design handle was made at this time, or at the earlier 7-7-30 release date when the handle was first changed to an "R" suffix.

Discussion Points:
There is no verbiage on any release indicating a design change from a one-piece handle to a folding handle, however there exists a drawing of each style handle.

The jack and handle went out of production on 7-7-30, but the handle was carried for service (repair). So the question is why would Ford introduce a folding design handle on 11-12-31, almost a year and a half after an obscure jack went out of production?

If an A-17081-C drawing dated 7-7-30 is found, it may shed light on what the handle design status was at the time the B3 jack went out of production. It may have been the folding design at that time as well.

Because of the ambiguity and relative rarity of either style handle, it is my belief that the JSC should accept either handle with a B3 jack during the nominal production usage period of February through July 1930.

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