1932 - 1934

Model A Ford Garage

Steering Column Tube Comparison

Pictured above is a comparison of the B-3509 (top) steering column tube used in 1932 and the 40-3509 (bottom) tube used in 1933 and 1934.

The pic shows the 1932 steering column tube with the straight cut upper end, and the 1933-34 tube with the flared upper end.

On the 1932 tube, the upper end of the tube fits inside a 'collar' formed by the bottom side of the steering wheel hub.

The punched holes shown in this pic are the clearance notches for the B-3731 twist-off bolt used to clamp the steering column mounting bracket to the tube.

This pic shows the comparison between the opposite side of the lock holes on both columns.

This is the hole which the steering column bracket coincidental lock operates through.

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October 2006