1931 Model A

Ford Garage

Stainless Steel Tudor Sedan

Pictured below is the original Allegheny Steel Company advertisement marketing the capabilities of Allegheny Metal (stainless steel), as demonstrated by this special 1931 Standard Tudor Sedan produced by Ford Motor Company in collaboration with Allegheny Steel.

The pictures below are of the one surviving 1931 Allegheny Metal Tudor Sedan. It is not clear if more than one car was ever produced. These pictures have been posted a number of times on the internet, and I believe were first posted several years ago by the owner when this car was offered in an eBay auction for a cool half million dollars!

Note the standard body style (no cowl lights) but with the addition of a left hand fender-mounted spare tire, same as shown in the original advertising.

No doubt this is the original Allegheny Metal Model A!

The next group of stainless steel cars produced were Stainless Steel 1936 Tudor Sedans.

Other complete stainless steel demonstration cars were built, including Thunderbirds and Lincolns.

Please follow this link to view Ford's 1930 Rustless Steel Advertising Brochure on Ford Garage.

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