1931 Model AA

Ford Garage

US Army 157" WB Trouble Truck

Motorized Artillery Battery

The photo above is the 1931 Model AA 157" WB trouble truck built in March 1932 for the US Army's field artillery gun battery. This was Army asset number W-3225. The photo is a Ford archive photo taken before delivery.

Without a doubt, this truck was the most capable and heavy duty Model AA truck ever produced by Ford USA during the Model A era.

This 157 inch wheelbase Model AA truck was specially equipped with Warford Sextette dual rear wheel tandem driving axles and compound transmission.

Note the special double bobbed rear fenders, and dual fender-mounted side mount spare tires.

This Model AA truck was built and procured by government purchase order directly to Ford Motor Company. There were eleven Model AA Ford trucks total procured on this order. The trucks were all special built for the artillery battery to military specifications and were delivered to the Army in April 1932.

Field Artillery Journal, May/June 1932

Approving this study, the Chief of Field Artillery, on September 1, 1931, requested that the sum of $12,000.00 be allotted for the procurement of eleven 1-1⁄2-ton commercial type trucks and five station wagons including the necessary vehicular accessories, equipment, and modifications.

The various sections of the General Staff were enthusiastic in the acceptance of this project which received the War Department's approval on November 9, 1931. Bids were opened at Holabird on February 10, 1932, and the award of the contract was made to the Ford Company.

The vehicles were delivered to representatives of the Quartermaster Corps at Detroit on March 30, 1932, and with the exception of the four "gun trucks" which were driven to Rock Island Arsenal to pick up the guns, the convoy arrived at Holabird on April 1, 1932, to receive special body modifications and the installation of pintles.

This is the fabulous "trouble truck" after delivery to the Army.

This truck was the recovery truck for supporting the gun trucks and artillery pieces.

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