British 1930 Models A, AF, & AAF

Instruction Book

Ford Garage

This is the Instruction Book for the British 1930 Model A, AF, and AAF Ford.

The Model A is the large bore engine same as the US, the Model AF is the small displacement 3 inch bore engine, and the Model AAF is the 1-1/2 ton truck with large displacement engine. All Models are right hand drive models.

This Instruction Book has an assortment of illustrations with earlier model year features, but also includes the two tooth steering gear, 19 inch wheels and tires, and 1930 style dash rail and parking brake lever.

Note location is London and Dagenham, not Trafford Park, Manchester, and London.

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Note the 1930 dash rail and oval speedometer. Also the 1930 style parking brake lever.

This illustration shows an odd assortment of parts including 1929 sheetmetal, 1930 headlamps and radiator shell, and 1929 drum taillamp.

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November 2006