1929 Model A

Ford Garage

Taxi Cab 135-A

One of the more unusual Model A body styles is the relatively rare Taxi, body type 135-A. Approximately 5,000 were built.

The Taxi was a special Fordor sedan body built by Briggs, and which utilized the 1928-29 Coupe and Tudor unstyled pillar-post cowl design.

The Taxi was the only production 1928-29 Model A Fordor sedan to use the basic unstyled cowl (also no separate visor). All other 1928-29 Fordor sedans (as well as the Cabriolet and Town Car) used the styled cowl designs produced by both Briggs and Murray.

Also note the unusual tail lamp and license plate position on the Luxford taxi pictured above.

The special Briggs body coach builder tag used on Taxis can also be seen (just barely) at the bottom front of the RH cowl post.

The Red Top cab above is shown in service and in good condition.

A well-used and abused taxi in personal use during the Depression era in Pie Town, New Mexico, June 1940.

Pictured above is the 1929 Ford taxi which belonged to Jane-Ann Heitmueller's Uncle Henry. When he passed away, his wife and daughter sold it to Mitchell Motors Ford Dealer in Cullman, Alabama around 1956. The family had always heard that the dealer had then sold it to The Ford Museum (in Dearborn?). Anyone know more?

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