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Model A Ford Factory Branch Locations

Model A an AA Ford cars and trucks were assembled and distributed to dealers through numerous Ford Motor Company Branch locations across the United States.

Each Branch covered a geographic territory and supported the dealers in that territory.

Most Branches were also a form of assembly plant, final assembling vehicles from component parts and sub-assemblies produced primarily at the Rouge near Dearborn, and at Ford's suppliers globally.

The Branch was also the dealer's source of genuine Ford service repair parts, as well as factory sales and service training and information.

A few branches were only warehouse distribution points for service parts and training, and did not assemble or distribute complete vehicles.

The following is a list of the 35 US Branch locations in early 1930.

Atlanta Fargo Oklahoma City
Buffalo Houston Omaha
Charlotte, N.C. Indianapolis Pittsburgh
Chester, Pa. Jacksonville Portland, Ore.
Chicago Kansas City, Mo. St. Louis
Cincinnati Los Angeles St. Paul
Cleveland Louisville Salt Lake City
Columbus Memphis San Francisco
Dallas Milwaukee Seattle
Dearborn, Mich. New Orleans Somerville, Mass.
Denver New York Washington (D.C.)
Des Moines Norfolk

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