Canadian 1929 Model A

Ford Garage

New Car Instruction Book

This is the Instruction Book for the Canadian 1929 Model A Ford. One interesting feature of this book is the use of multiple colors on the cover. All other Model A instruction books I am aware of are only printed in black ink.

Aside from the different style cover, this manual also has a place to record the engine number.

The first 18 pages are full of general purpose instructions about being a safe driver and a responsible citizen, and what speed to shift the various gears at, and what to do if you encounter a street car, etc.

The manual is marked 'Designed and Printed In Canada', and dated (?) SE 31 1929, though it shows various 1928 and 1929 features in the illustrations.

The lubrication chart shows an illustration of an early chassis with laced radiator shell, powerhouse generator, fan shroud, and forged running board brackets, however it also shows the later separate emergency brake system.

There is no mention of Model AA trucks anywhere, except on the very last page where owners are admonished to only buy Genuine Ford Parts, and to have their Model A and AA serviced by an Authorized Ford Dealer.

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August 2000