1928 Model A

Instruction Book

Version 4

This is the fourth version of the 1928 Model A Instruction Book, used beginning October 1928 through the end of November 1928.

The 1928 copyright date is found on Page 2.

The Specifications and License Data on Page 4 lists the 30 x 4.50 Ballon tire size.

Figures 2 and 6 show the center-mounted squeeze grip style hand brake lever.

Figure 2 also shows the mushroom-shaped gear shift lever ball.

Figure 6 also shows the single disc clutch for the first time.

Figure 10 does not show the powerhouse generator adjusting arm.

Figure 11 shows the cast iron fuel sediment filter.

Figure 12 does not show a lever arm extension on the carburetor choke lever.

Figures 13, 22, and 28 show the separate rear emergency brake system.

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