1931 Model A

Ford Garage

Stretched Standard Fordor Sedan 160A

Pictured here is an interesting custom bodied Model A limousine. It is a stretched version of the 1931 slant windshield 160A body style Standard Fordor Sedan, but with an obviously longer body including rear quarter and front and rear doors, and with rear-hinged front doors.

The doors are also taller below the beltline, and the door and cowl bottom reveal goes upward at the front to meet the standard hood.

Also note the absence of cowl lamps, as well as the separate door-mounted lock cylinder like a Model B, rather than having a locking scroll door handle.

The chassis appears to be based on a Model AA truck. It appears to have regular style 19 inch Model A wheels, but with bigger brake drums. Also seen is the AA deluxe front bumper.

Pictured above is a stock 160B Town Sedan body for reference and comparison. (photo source unknown)

January 2004