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Wooden Storage Crates

One of the useful ideas for part storage is to make simple crates for parts which are awkward or easily damaged.

Nice original radiators are hard to find and are worth taking the time to protect. The same is true for radiator shells!

Shown here is a table of overall outside dimensions for various crates.

Front and back covers are made from 1/4 inch Luan, and the sides are made from nominal 1 x 8 or 1 x 10 boards (actual boards are 7-1/4 or 9-1/2 inches).

I use drywall or deck type screws to assemble the crate sides and the front and back covers.

Outside Dimensions
Width Height Depth
Model A & B
22-5/8 30-3/4 7-1/4
Model 40
22-1/8 31-1/4 9-1/2
Model A
Radiator Shell
Model B
Radiator Shell
23-1/4 34 7-1/4

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September 2001