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Every once in a while you meet someone who is really an inspiration and a credit to his hobby and profession. Bill Stipe is one of those guys.

The purpose of this page is just to give readers a sense of what kind of Model A work gets done by some people who are busy working rather than busy blowing their own horn. Bill founded his own commercial machine shop, and plays with Model A's when no one is looking.

Many Model A and T enthusiasts know of Bill due to his work to improve and reproduce quality new camshafts for our engines. This was a big undertaking, and the hobby has certainly benefited from his perseverance and careful work.

Pictured on this page are pics of Bill's current activities building bullet-proof insert bearing Model A and B engines (pics courtesy of Bill, photographer not identified). These engines have many modifications of his own development such as his cams with oversize bearings and custom profiles, balanced cranks, CNC porting, special design insert bearings and bearing caps, high volume oil pumps, and precision align boring using specialized fixtures and machines.

In addition, Bill has his own engine dyno to do development testing to prove or disprove the value of various modifications. I am fortunate enough to have spent a few days in his shop looking over his shoulder while he assembled and tested one of his performance creations.

Pictures courtesy of Stipe Machine.
Stipe Machine Shop web site

Pictures courtesy of Stipe Machine.

Stipe Machine Co. Inc
N5718 County Road M
Plymouth, Wisconsin 53073
Stipe Machine & Specialty Motor Cams web site.

Passing of the Torch at Stipe Machine ~ A new generation!

Bill, Tony, and Dieter Stipe Interview

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November 2006