What the Hell?

Model A Ford Garage

Model A Fender Packing Damage

eBay Seller 'monacapennsylvania' George Antoline

Imagine my shock when this fender was delivered. This was a very nice appearing fender in the eBay auction when I won it.

Who would have ever guessed a seller would be stupid enough to fold a Model A fender in half to wrap it and ship it? And then deny and evade responsibility for the damage?

This damage was made when the fender was packed, not in transit or by FedEx. I have not yet removed the wrapping or unpacked the fender. The wrapping is still wound tight around this folded fender! Unbelievable!

Shown below are the eBay listing photos of the fender I bid on and won. Looks good at the time I won it.

Here are photos of the folded LH fender, wrapped and wound tight in the white plastic packing, as I received it.

For comparison it is shown below next to an original rusty LH fender I own, to show how badly the LH eBay fender was folded and damaged during packaging.

There was no agreement, action, or satisfaction received when dealing with this jackass via eBay, or my requesting that he refund the the cost of the fender and the original and/or return shipping costs.

In the course of events there never was an apology offered, nor an admission that he had done anything wrong, nor any explanation as to why. Only a repeated statement that his auctions are 'no returns and no refunds' and that he would not cover the shipping expenses to return it.

Below is the final reply I received before my finally leaving negative feedback and making this web page:

Note to self: Beware of incompetent and unethical eBay sellers!

July 2009