1929 Model A Ford Song

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Oscar Ford ~ Henry Ford's Model A

The link above is a great era sound recording of "Henry Ford's Model A" and was posted with pics on YouTube by member "Oscar Ford - Topic".

The original was performed by Oscar Ford on vocals (and fiddle?), with Riley Puckett on guitar, and was recorded on April 11,1929 in Atlanta, Georgia on the Columbia label (catalog number 15437-D).

"Henry Ford's Model A" by Oscar Ford

All you folks a' listen to what I say
About a new Ford called a Model A
Ol' John Henry knew his biz
When he said I'm a' gonna make a lady outta' Liz

A fella' bought one just the other day
He went to try it out on the new highway
When he got to 60, well he lost his nerve
and forgot to shut it off when he went around a curve

He passed two Packards and a Cadillac too
With the speed meter sitting on 72
Folks along the road could hear the fella' shout
The darn thing's in second and I can't get it out

If your girls don't love you, let me tell you what you do
Buy a new Ford that's big enough for two
When you take one to ride, she will greet you with a smile
and she'll want to stop and kiss you every time you go a mile

Now if you go to Heaven, I will give you all a tip
Drive an old Ford, 'cause its bound to make the trip
But if you go to Torment, drive a Model A
'Cause it'll out-run the devil, and you're bound to get away

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