1931 Model A

Ford Garage

Special Delivery 255A

Locking Scroll Handle

Pictured above is the 1931 Special Delivery. This was a low volume (less than 1000 built) wood bodied vehicle similar to the Station Wagon, except that it was an enclosed delivery model.

The Special Delivery had roll up glass in the front doors and keyed locking door handles on both RH and LH front doors and one on the rear door so that the vehicle could be secured.

Pictured here is the only locking scroll handle released by Ford with a 'flat' mounting bezel (actually shaped for Station Wagon wood molding) and the extra-long shaft internally threaded on the end for the 10-32 screw used to retain the roadster style inside handle.

All other locking scroll handles have the long or short undercut shafts for use with steel (except the 68B) doors and latches, and have curved bezels to fit the body molding shape on the steel doors.

This handle part number is A-256205 and it is designed for mounting through the wood door. It uses the typical Model A roadster and phaeton inside release handle, same as the interior release handle on panel delivery truck rear doors.

The end of the square shaft is threaded for the 10-32 oval head screw to retain the inside handle to the shaft, and to prevent the removal of the outside handle without first removing the inside handle.

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