Early 1935 German Ford Köln

Model A Ford Garage

Model BB 4 Zylinder Lastwagen Instruktionsbuch

Truck Instruction Book

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This is the early 1935 German Model BB Ford Köln 4 Zylinder Lastwagen Instruktionsbuch.

This instruction book shows the 1932-34 Model BB four cylinder chassis, including the 1933-34 BB style full floating rear axle and brake system.

Some inconsistencies found in this book include the following:

Subsequent editions of the Lastwagen Model BB instruction book show the 1935 style full floating rear axle and 1935-38 US style brakes, as well as the correction of most of the discrepancies noted above.

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The hood and fenders and front end styling is mostly based on 1932 Model BB, but the cab is similar to a 1935 Ford style.

*********** The engine was produced at Köln after 1934, and the serial number is noted as being on top of the flywheel housing, the same as the number locations for US and Canadian Model B engines.

********** By comparison, all pre-1934 Model B engines used by Germany were produced at Dagenham, England and had the serial number stamped on the left hand side of the engine block (except during 1932 only), the same as all US made Model A engines.

********** The inside of the truck is also interesting. The dash panel is a 1932 style. The steering wheel is a four-spoke design similar to the US version, but having a larger size hub.

The windshield glass appears to be fixed. Also seen are tandem electric wipers and squeeze grip parking brake handle.

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Shown above is an interesting water inlet fitting design on the Model B engine.

This illustration above shows the unusual design of the 1935 style cab with the 1932 style fenders and front end.

************ Other interesting features shown in the Instruction Book include a Bosch distributor and a Solex carburetor, along with a Solex fuel pump.

This German body style Ford BB Lastwagen was produced from 1935 until at least 1939, when it was replaced by the 1939-41 Ford Köln G987T four cylinder Nutzkraftwagen.

The Nutzkraftwagen was based on the US 1939 truck cab styling, but was offered with the Model B engine, as well as the V8.

March 2007