British 1933 Model B

Model A Ford Garage

24 & 14.9 H.P. Car Instruction Book

This is the Instruction Book for the British 1933 Model B Ford. The 24 H.P. is the large displacement 3.875 inch bore engine, same as the US, and the 14.9 H.P. is the small displacement 3.055 inch bore engine. Both models are right hand drive. Both Tudor sedans and Fordor sedans were offered.

This instruction book has a December 5, 1933 printing date. It is very similar to the earlier British 1932 Model AB and ABF Instruction Book with a few differences.

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December 1933 Ford England Model "B" and "BF" Instruction Book

In this 1933 and later instruction books, the vehicle serial number is identified as located on the pad above the engine water inlet, same as Model A Fords, to comply with British law that the number appear on the engine.

Prior year 1932 British instruction books were consistent with all US produced Model B's which had the serial number stamped on a pad on the flywheel housing above the starter motor, and not on the engine block.

All of the illustrations in this book are the same as found in the earlier 1932 instruction book.

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One addition to the 1933 Instruction Book was the discussion of the air cleaner above. The 1932 Model AB & ABF Instruction Book makes no mention of the air cleaner.

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