British 1932 Model B

Model A Ford Garage

Improved Model A & AF Passenger Cars Brochure

In 1932, Ford England was producing Model AA trucks, as well as preparing the 1932 Model B style cars and trucks.

British Model BB trucks were marketed under the Fordson brand, while the Model AA style truck production was carried forward through 1936 under the Ford brand. They were all produced at Dagenham.

This is an early sales brochure for British 1932 Model B Ford passenger cars produced by Ford Motor Company, Ltd. England.

The Model B was initially referred to as the Improved Model A and AF models. The Model A was the 24 H.P. large displacement 3.875 inch bore engine, same as the US, and the Model AF was the 14.9 H.P. small displacement 3.055 inch bore engine. Both models were right hand drive. Both Tudor sedans and Fordor sedans were offered.

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1932 Ford England Model "A" and "AF" Passenger Cars Brochure

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