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Cylinder Head Nut Tightening Sequence

Pictured above is the only recommended engine cylinder head nut tightening sequence I have found published by the Ford Motor Company for Model A and B type engines. This image is from the 1948 Ford-Köln Lastwagen Ruhr Truck Instruction Book.

This engine is a Model B style engine judging by the various photos in the book, though actually it is likely an improved G28T Model B engine. It's cylinder head is also interchangeable with that of Model A, B, and Russian GAZ engines.

Pictured below is a somewhat different tightening sequence which is commonly recommended by Larry Brumfield and by various modern Model A publications.

Also note that the combustion chamber hem of the gasket and any stamped lettering should always be placed 'up', in contact with the cylinder head, not the engine block.

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August 2010