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Lyon and Berloy Shelving and Totes

I guess this is a system of some kind. I don't know where this is, but it's a great pic. I don't know how they find anything, but then again, maybe the point is to add to the collection and there is no need to find anything!

Personally, I hoard a lot of nice used and NOS parts, and spend as much time cleaning and organizing and storing parts as I do working on restoration. I like knowing what I have, where it is, and being able to find it when I want it. I really don't like pawing through rusty, dirty, oily, greasy parts looking for something.

I like building special racks as well as finding the original Ford dealership shelving systems made by Lyon and Berloy. I have about 18 sections of Berger Berloy 18" x 36" x 7 foot adjustable shelving units from Model A era, and they are the perfect size and strength for Model A parts.

John and Wilson Berger started the Berger Manufacturing Co. in Canton, Ohio in 1886, producing lengths of metal conductor pipe in their basement workshop. The United Alloy Steel merged with Berger in 1921 to form Berloy. It quickly developed a strong presence in the market with its lines of shelving, storage, lockers and steel furniture. Then in 1930 Republic Steel Corporation was founded, with Berger and Central Alloy as divisions.

These Lyon and Berloy shelving units are better built than any comparable commercial shelving of the same size available today. I have not had any desire to use modern pallet shelving as it is too bulky, too deep, and generally too tall for my needs. It may be good for something like engines or rear axle assemblies.

On each shelf I use two plastic flip top totes. I make a 1/4 inch luan reinforcement for the bottom of each tote, regardless of what it will be used for. This helps spread any load and strengthen the bottom. I like to use the Orbis FliPak Totes. I have bought these mail order in quantity from C & H Distributing. I write the contents of each tote on the end of the tote visible on the shelf.

I also like to keep swap meet for sale items in their own totes so they are ready to load in the van and go. No chasing around gathering parts for a swap meet.

Pictured above is a view of Jerry Parr's parts organization. I really admire someone who makes the effort to clean up their parts, get them organized, build racks and fixtures for special shaped parts, etc.

It is also interesting how different people hoard different things. I have a fetish for NOS head gaskets, and have six or seven old Sawzall cases full of them. Jerry on the other hand seems to be real fond of cylinder heads! {grin} I wonder if they are all high compression police heads?

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