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Mitchell Synchronized Transmission

Shown below are pictures of the Model A transmission which is rebuilt by Mitchell Manufacturing using all new internal gears and 2nd and 3rd gear synchronizers.

A 15% higher 2nd gear ratio is also available. The resulting transmission has many desirable similarities to the 1932 Model B transmission, without having to install a Model B engine and transmission in a Model A along with the necessary wishbone and pedal mounting.

Additionally, a combined 15% higher 1st gear together with a 15% higher 2nd gear ratio transmission is also available. The resulting transmission reportedly improves general drivability even further, especially on flat ground or with a higher output torque engine.

Be cautious of increasing the 1st gear ratio 15% if your driving includes a lot of parades, uphill standing starts, or if you have a tired or low performing engine.

Shown above is the view of the reworked shift tower with the new forks and shafts as assembled by Mitchell.

These transmissions are quite expensive and are not an overdrive, but the revised gear ratios make it much more drivable than the stock gearing.

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March 2003