Model A & B

Ford Garage

Wheel Lug Seat Reamer

Pictured above is one method of cleaning excess paint and powdercoat from the lug nut surface on a wheel.

It is important to not have any soft or excessively thick paint buildup on the lugnut surface of the wheel because it will interfere with the ability of the nut to retain the clamp load and torque in use, resulting in loosening wheels, as well finish damage on the wheel.

It is recommended to remove all but a thin film of paint from the steel wheel.

Model A lug nuts are 60 degree angle, and this is a 60 degree chamfer cutter, 3/4 or 7/8 inch size which I found in the junk bin at the used tool store for a dollar.

It had a 1/2 inch shank, so I welded a 1/4 inch bolt to the end to extend its length so I could chuck it up in my cordless variable speed drill/driver. Go slow.

January 2001