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Steering Column Light Switch Rods

The pic above shows an original unrestored 1932 chrome plated light switch handle.

The table below shows the Ford part numbers and lengths for the various Model A style steering column light switch rods used on 1928 through 1940 Model A, Model B, and later V8 cars and commercial trucks.

The original light switch rod assembly consisted of a nickel or chrome plated die-cast aluminum handle swaged onto a terne plated tubular steel rod. The horn circuit ground wire was inside the rod, and an insulated contact terminal was at the bottom of the rod.

Light switch rods made from aluminum tubing are relatively modern reproduction parts. All originals were steel.

A keeper groove was located near the bottom of the rod, and a 'C' clip in the keeper groove retained the spring loaded spider which operated the light switch. (except for very early 1928)

The dimensional data below was compiled from Ford published Parts Price Lists and from original Ford drawings on record at the Benson Ford Research Center in Dearborn.

Part Number
Steering Gear & Column Usage Notes
1928 - 1929 style light switch handle:
A-3616-AR ~ ? Early 1928, Ford 7 tooth, splined shaft,
non-spider, knurled light switch assembly housing
A-3616-B 45-3/4 46-5/32 1928-29, Ford 7 tooth, splined shaft
A-3616-C 45 45-13/32 1929-30, Gemmer 2 tooth, splined shaft
1930 - 1932 style light switch handle:
(continued usage on big Trucks)
A-3616-F 45-3/4 46-5/32 1930, Ford 7 tooth, splined shaft
A-3616-G 44-31/32 45-3/8 1930, Gemmer 2 tooth, short column, keyed shaft
A-3616-H 45-31/32 46-3/8 1930-31, Gemmer 2 tooth, long column, keyed shaft
B-3616 42-1/2 42-29/32 1932 Passenger & Commercial, Gemmer 3 tooth
BB-3616 43-9/16 43-31/32 1932-34 Model BB Truck, Gemmer 3 tooth
BF-3616-B 44-1/8 44-17/32 Forward Control Truck
51-3616 44-5/32 44-9/16 1935-37 Model 51 big Truck, Gemmer 3 tooth
70-3616 41-7/32 41-5/8 1938-40 141", 148.5", 168" big Truck, Gemmer 3 tooth
81T-3616 1938-39 big Truck (normal control), Gemmer 3 tooth
81Y-3616 1938-39 COE Truck (forward control), Gemmer 3 tooth

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