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Driveshaft Removal

The following pics show how I disassemble the driveshaft from the pinion gear on a Model B Ford. The drive shaft on a Model B is tubular, not a small shaft like a Model A, and the gear and shaft assembly cannot be passed through the pinion gear race.

Thus, when the pinion race is pressed into the banjo, you must first remove the shaft from the gear. Of course, the shaft is a taper fit to the gear and does not come apart easily!

Here is one way of separating the shaft from the gear while it is still in the banjo.

Typical assembly. The pinion bearing nuts could be loosened, but not removed.

Drive shaft taper nut on pinion gear.

I have a Diamond chain wrench which does a good job of gripping round and irregular shaped objects. Remove the shaft nut.

Use a thread protector on the shaft, a gear puller, and a race support to push the driveshaft out of the pinion gear taper.

July 2002