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Zenith Carburetor Float Assembly Details

This page details the float weights of the three original style B-9550 Model B Zenith carburetor floats.

The 1932 Model B first used a cylindrical barrel shaped float, then a rounded shaped float, and later used a rectangular shaped float in 1934 and beyond. The rectangular float style is the most commonly found.

Each of these float styles use different upper castings with different float hinge pivot brackets.

The pic above somewhat shows the relative differences between the early cylindrical barrel float on the left, the subsequent lighter rounded float in the middle, and the final rectangular float on the right.

Discrepancies in proper float weight may lead to valve seating issues due to the inverted needle valve. This could then affect fuel level in the bowl and fuel consumption and carburetor performance.

Charted below are the results of measurements using a digital gram scale on a sample of original B-9550 floats, including NOS and unmolested used floats in my collection.

Model B Zenith
Cylindrical Float B-9950-A
Cylindrical used 25.9
Cylindrical used 26.4

Model B Zenith
Rounded Float B-9950-A
Rounded used 18.3
Rounded used 18.5
Rounded used 18.8

Model B Zenith
Rectangular Float B-9550-B
Rectangular NOS 13.4
Rectangular used 13.6
Rectangular used 13.6
Rectangular NOS 13.8
Rectangular used 14.0
Rectangular used 14.0
Rectangular used 14.1
Rectangular used 14.2
Rectangular used 14.6

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