1932 to 1948 Ford Brake Drums

Model A Ford Garage

For Use with 1932 to 1935 Welded Wire Spoke Wheels

This page outlines some basics about early V8 Ford wheels and brake drums, and the compatibility of early Ford welded wire spoke wheels and later V8 hydraulic brake drums.


Ford produced welded wire spoke wheels at their Hamilton, Ohio plant during the Model T, A, B and early V8 era. The inside of the rim is typically stamped "Ham"

Kelsey-Hayes also was a production supplier of welded wire spoke wheels to Ford and many are stamped "K-H" on the hub center stamping.

Adjustable (not welded) bent spoke wire wheels are aftermarket, not original Ford. Many adjustable spoke wheels were made by Kelsey-Hayes with a similar appearance to the stock wheel.

Many of these adjustable spoke wheels have 40 spokes compared to a stock welded wheel which had 32 spokes. They typically have the original appearance hub centers and the stock hub cap will fit them.

All 1932-35 Ford wire spoke wheels matched a cast support and locator tab on the brake drum casting, just radially inboard of the lug stud. This is important for wheel location and support on the original drums.


The following pic shows the detail of the 1946-48 brake drum style which is mounted to the inside of the hub. There are two varieties of this drum, and one will mount to 1932-35 welded wire spoke wheels directly with no adaptor and no problems.

This style drum will fit the 1932-35 Ford wire wheel correctly without adapters if the offset is 1-3/8 rather than 1-1/2 inches. Both drum styles exist. The pic shows how the 1-3/8 inch dimension is measured. It is from the outer hub face to the sheet metal surface.

It will also be necessary to break off any balance weights spot welded to the drum in the recess and braze them back on just beyond their original radial location. This will keep them from interfering with the wheel hub.

It is important that the offset between the stud hub flange and the drum sheetmetal be 1-3/8 inch as shown in the pic.

Some of these style drums have a 1-1/2 inch offset and the wire wheel center will not properly seat to that drum without an adaptor.

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