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KR Wilson Rear Hub Remover

Here's some pics of KR Wilson's solution to the hub removal problem. This is a modern reproduction of the original KRW Ford service tool for removing 1928-1948 Ford rear axle brake drum hubs.

It works with the hubs with a groove in the taper, but not the 1928-29 hubs with a standing rib on the taper. It does the job right and is fairly compact for being taken along on tours if desired.

Overall, this tool is very well made and all the pieces fit each other and the hubs very well. This is the "best" type of puller to own because it axially reacts the hub taper directly against the rear axle shaft, and does not distort the wheel flange, studs, or brake drum in any way.

If you are going to invest in new cast iron drums and all the associated installation costs, protect your investment by using the the best tool to service them!

I don't have a rear axle shaft shown in the pics, only the rear drum and hub, so the little axle thread protecter would actually cover and bear against the axle shaft, and would not contact the end of the hub until after the hub had popped free.

The lock ring, thread protecter, drive screw and collar are all made from steel, and the two clamshells that engage the hubs are made from investment-cast steel, not sand-cast iron.

This K.R. Wilson repro is a pricey but well made tool. It is currently available in most of the Model A parts supplier's catalogs for about $150 plus shipping. I also often have a couple nice used ones for sale at any given time. Inquire.

December 2000