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Many people are uncertain where to find professional, experienced, and reliable rebuilders of Model A and B engines. Here is one source in the Northeast to consider visiting or interviewing for your engine rebuilding needs.

The purpose of this page is to highlight some of their YouTube videos which showcase their work on a Model A engine for Seth Kestenbaum. This should help educate Ford Garage visitors, and inspire questions to ask of any prospective engine rebuilder.

Check out these informative and educational YouTube videos about J&M Machine!

J&M Shop Tour

Engine Block Leak Detection

Cylinder Block Decking and Boring

Cutting Three Angle Valve Seats

Honing Cylinder Bores

Finish-Honing Cylinder Bores

Short Babbitt Pour Video

Crankshaft Straightening

Crankshaft Grinding

Cylinder Head Resurfacing

Need a Model A or B engine rebuilt?
Contact J&M Machine today!

J&M Machine Company
40 Mt Vickery Road
Southborough, Massachussetts 01772
(508) 460 0733
J&M Machine Company web site.

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April 2017