1930-31 Model A

Model A Ford Garage

A-17081-B Folding Jack Handle for C1 and C2 Screw Jacks

A-17080-C1 Auto Specialties Screw Jack:

Pictured above is the A-17080-C1 screw jack produced by Auto Specialties.

A-17081-B Jack Handle:

Shown below are the A-17081-B folding jack handle releases and drawings for use with the A-17080-C1 and -C2 screw jacks produced by Auto Specialties and Ajax.

EI 15206
EI: Adopted
No drawing on file

EI 15206 Supp #1
No change recorded on EI
No drawing on file

EI 15764
No change recorded on EI
No drawing on file

EI 15206 Supp #3
EI: Added "R" to suffix to designate handle is to be used for repairs only.
No drawing on file

EI 15206 Supp #4
EI: Removed suffix "R" from sym. no. and reinstated for use on above models. (A & AF chassis)
Drawing shows stamped steel clip and sliding sleeve optional hinge design

EI 15206 Supp #4
7-7-30 (nominal)
Checker's intended change drawing before 10-31-30 EI change.
Shows sliding sleeve hinge design only, and change of hand crank angle from 90 degrees

EI 15206 Supp #6
No change recorded on EI
Drawing shows sliding sleeve design only, and an angled hand crank end.
Paint and material specification notes added.

EI 18884
No change recorded on EI
Drawing note added "Handles from any supplier must fit jacks from any supplier"

EI 19634
No change recorded on EI
Drawing view added showing folded handle dimensions, and hinge rivet axis rotated 90 degrees

EI 20739
No change recorded on EI

EI 20739 Supp #1
No change recorded on EI

Discussion Points:
The earliest available drawing is dated 7-7-30, at EI 15206 Supp #4 release, and shows the stamped steel hinge clip, and the optional steel sleeve hinge design. The hand crank angle is formed by 90 degree bends.

The next recorded drawing is also dated 7-7-30, and is the checker's markup record to the detailer for subsequent changes, and shows the stamped hinge clip erased out and to be removed, an angled hand crank end, and the hand notation "redrawn and changed". Though this is 'dated' 7-7-30, it is actually the marked-up direction for the changes made and recorded 10-31-30.

The next available drawing is dated 10-31-30 (EI 15206 Supp #6), and is the newly drawn handle, which only shows the sliding sleeve design hinge, as well as the angled hand crank end. Also, the revision block has been reformatted, and earlier EI 15206 Supp #1 and EI 15764 no longer appear in the record.

If any of the early 1-10-30, 1-18-30, or 3-6-30 dated drawings were found, they might show a later introduction of the sliding sleeve hinge design. Until such drawing is found, it should be assumed that the sliding sleeve hinge design was always an optional construction beginning 1-10-30.

It is my belief that the JSC should accept the stamped steel hinge clip design handle starting in January 1930 through end of October 1930, and that the first sliding sleeve version should be accepted from January 1930 through May 1931.

Starting May 1931, the hinge rivet axis was rotated 90 degrees to allow the sliding sleeve design handle to fold across itself forming a triangle, and this design was used through the end of production.

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