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Windshield Frame Variations

The following two pics were posted on fordbarn.com by Rusty Nelson for identification, and are shown here with his kind permission.

They are 1928-1930 82-A 'square cab' style pickup windshield frames. They are easily identified by the shaft tube for the manual windshield wiper and by the narrower 1928-1929 style swing arm brackets.

Of particular interest here is the different shapes of the end trim on the lower air deflectors.

Photo courtesy of Rusty Nelson

The first pic above shows the 1928 and 1929 windshield frame with single 'squared' angle ends on the air deflector.

The second pic below shows another 1929 upper and lower frame (confirmed by the 1929 pivot arm brackets), but this frame has the double angle end trim on the air deflector. The deflector itself is the same as a typical 1930/31 wind deflector designed for use with the 1930-31 closed car cowl shape.

Photo courtesy of Rusty Nelson

The 1928-1929 style square cab pickup was in production until about June of 1930, well after all the new 1930 style cars were in production. The shape of the glass and lower frame were unchanged however.

It is reasonable to conclude from these pics that the 1930 deflector, which was trimmed to fit the 1930 passenger cowl posts, would also be commonized and used on all the windshield frames produced for the square cab 82-A pickup from about January to June 1930.

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