2009 Auto Shanghai

International Auto Show


Model A Ford Garage

Well, I think it's official - the Chinese are really taking to the road! This year's show had an over-abundance of small motorhomes and conversion vans, in addition to all the passenger cars and light trucks typically seen in previous shows in Shanghai and Beijing.

In addition, all the Hummers and Hummer clones seem to be proliferating (like this Dong Feng 东风 below). What global economic downturn?

In related news, In June 2009, GM announced the sale of Hummer to a Chinese company, Tengzhong Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., which is based in Sichuan province.

There were just a few vintage vehicles on display this year.

Here is a very cool vintage Auto Union streamliner. Auto Union was a predecessor to Audi.

Skoda also showed their restored Skoda sedan, which was also on display at the 2006 Beijing International Auto Show.

Another theme or trend for the Chinese seems to be a growing selection of Suburban Assault Vehicle RVs, vans, and motorhomes!

Also on display was this restored vintage 1969 Dong Feng 东风 truck pictured above.

Dong Feng trucks have a sort of patriotic nation-builder hero status in China. It is the workhorse of the military as well as construction and heavy work. Perhaps something like Autocar and Oshkosh in the US.

As usual, there were lots of other great car and truck exhibits as well!

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中国 上海
April 22, 2009