2007 Shanghai International Auto Show


2006 Beijing Auto Show

Model A Ford Garage

Classic and rare restored 1958 Shanghai brand car made in Shanghai. Predecessor to the joint venture company formed between Volkswagen and SAIC.

There were all the new cars you would expect to see at an international auto show, but also included was an exhibit by Harley Davidson.

Harleys are quite unusual in China due to the cost, horsepower (tax), and noise level (too loud), which all work against it's popular acceptance.

Hey, I bet you thought GMC made the last DUKW's 60 years ago! Think again!

Beijing Auto Works thinks there must be a market for these somewhere. Quack, Quack!

There were lots of other great car and truck exhibits as well!

"A long cool woman (in a black dress)...."

中国 上海
April 24, 2007