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This German body style Ford Köln FK 3000 BB truck was produced from 1951 until 1955, when the Ford G28T four cylinder engine was discontinued in Ford vehicle production. The FK 3000 BB had a 3 metric ton rating.

The G28T engine was first introduced in 1942, and was based on the German (and US) Model B engine. The primary internal improvement of the G28T was the introduction of pressure oiling and factory shell insert main and rod bearings, replacing the poured babbitt of the Model B engine.

The Köln G28T engine production continued until 1958 for industrial and agricultural uses such as in the Claas Mähdrescher combines.

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In the pic above, note the use of the synchromesh four speed transmission "Mit Synchrongetriebe". The FK 3000 BB was the only factory vehicle with a Model B style engine mated with a synchronized four speed (not three speed).

Note the Model B engine DNA above and below, but having the final developments such as the carburetor, ignition, water pump, fan, oil pan shape, etc.

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The Köln FK 3000 BB was a 3 metric ton truck, and had increased engine output of 57 PS (metric hp), versus the typical 52 PS of the 1.5 and 2 ton FK 2000 versions. There was also an FK 3500 D produced with a six cylinder diesel engine.

All FK four cylinder trucks had the standard 4.6:1 Model B compression ratio combustion chamber. The added horsepower on this final version may have come from camshaft and carburetor modifications, but apparently not from compression ratio changes.

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