1931 Model A

Ford Garage

Cast Iron Rear Brake Drums

In 1931 Ford introduced the use of cast nodular iron front and rear brake drums, replacing the earlier drums which were assemblies of stamped steel drums mounted on steel hubs.

The pic above shows an original cast iron 1931 Model A rear brake drum. The front drums were spoked, and the rears were solid.

The cast iron rear brake drums were similar to those used in 1932, except Model A were 11 inch diameter and 1932 were 12 inch diameter.

This pic shows the inner construction of the two-piece 1931 cast iron rear brake drum. The drum itself is cast nodular iron, whereas the hub is machined from forged steel. 1932 - 1934 rear drums are similar.

Follow this link for more information about 1931 and 1932 cast iron spoked front drum comparison on Ford Garage.

January 2004